2006-08: Virtualized System Environments for Petascale Computing and Beyond

June 16th, 2015

This research project intends to address scalability, manageability, and ease-of-use challenges in petascale system software and application runtime environments through the development of a virtual system environment (VSE). In addition to providing a scalable and reliable “sandbox” environment for scientific application development on desktops and clusters, the VSE will offer an identical production environment for scientific application deployment on terascale and petascale high-end computing (HEC) systems. The VSE concept enables “plug-and-play” supercomputing through desktop-to-cluster-to-petaflop computer system-level virtualization based on recent advances in hypervisor virtualization technologies. The overall goal of this effort is to advance the race for scientific discovery through computation by enabling day-one operation capability of newly installed systems and by improving productivity of scientific application development and deployment.

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