2000-05: Harness – Heterogeneous Distributed Computing

June 16th, 2015

The heterogeneous adaptable reconfigurable networked systems (Harness) research project focused on the design and development of a pluggable lightweight heterogeneous Distributed Virtual Machine (DVM) environment, where clusters of PCs, workstations, and “big iron” supercomputers can be aggregated to form one giant DVM (in the spirit of its widely-used predecessor, Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)). As part of the Harness project, a variety of experiments and system prototypes were developed to explore lightweight pluggable frameworks, adaptive reconfigurable runtime environments, assembly of scientific applications from software modules, parallel plug-in paradigms, highly available DVMs, fault-tolerant message passing (FT-MPI), fine-grain security mechanisms, and heterogeneous reconfigurable communication frameworks. Three different Harness system prototypes were developed, two C variants and one Java-based alternative, each concentrating on different research issues. The technology developed within the Harness project influenced many other research and development efforts, such as the Open Run-Time Environment (ORTE). For more information, please visit www.csm.ornl.gov/harness.

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